Drones and aerial filming are very much in the public eye. There are understandable concerns about what the possible consequences are of a drone in the hands of irresponsible people who do not understand the regulations and do not possess the skillset to fly drones safely.


Safety must always be the no. 1 priority, but this does not mean that ambitious or difficult shoots cannot take place. What it means is that they will require careful planning preparation and the appropriate clearances in the airspace where the drone will be flown.


We provide 5M public liability insurance.

HD or 4K?

We can shoot in either, we would recommend 4K for quality purposes and ‘future proofing’, but HD can be provided for more rapid turnaround projects.

How Much?

We can provide day rates, half day rates for both one man and two man teams. Some shoots will require much larger teams and then we will create a bespoke quote according to the requirements of the shoot. We can also provide flat rates per property or location or video, so let us know what you need and we can work it out.

Camera Operator or Drone Operator?

Flying and filming with a UAV (Unmanned Aerial System) are both key skills and sometimes, people who have learnt to fly a drone do not necessarily have the filming skills or knowledge to be an aerial camera operator, so always check that you are using not only a CAA licensed drone pilot but that you are also employing a camera operator. Sometimes this can be a single operator, but on shoots that require a more cinematic look and perfect framing from the first frame to the last, then you probably need a dual operated device, one person flying the drone and a cameraperson controlling the on board camera.


We have in-house editing capabilities, so we are happy to either provide you with the source material or we can take care of the edit for you.

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