Laurence Koe with Bosko Savkovic holding the Silafest International Film Festival Award for best Sports Tourism Video ©  360TV 2024.

This film festival was called Silafest and was the  9th International Festival of Tourism and Environmental Films .  It was held on the banks of the river Danube in Serbia, at the Silver Lake resort, some 2 hours from Belgrade.

Silver Lake, Veliko Gradiste, Serbia ©  360TV 2024.

There were trips to visit the surrounding area and a conference and daily press briefing…

©  360TV 2024.
©  360TV 2024.

The film that we submitted was a film shot at the Aegialis Hotel and Spa on the Greek island of Amorgos. This hotel has a beautiful location over looking a bay of crystal clear mediterranean water over to the old port across the bay. The hotel had an emphasis on sustainability and grew produce in it’s own gardens and this fresh food would make it’s way from the garden to the plate within the day.

Here is the film…

We were initially selected to be included as part of the official screening program in the town square each night for 5 nights and then the final night was the awards night…

Awards ceremony night ! ©  360TV 2024.
Laurence Koe and his wife Faye Koe (yoga instructor in the film) are interviewed by Serbian radio about 360TV's win ©  360TV 2024.